Lose Your Transponder Key? Here’s What to Do

Lose Your Transponder Key? Here’s What to Do

Losing your car key or keyless fob can be a nightmare if it happens at the wrong time, as it often does. No matter how careful you are about your car key, it’s still possible to lose them or have them stolen. Since losing your transponder key often means being locked out of your vehicle, it can be a frustrating and anxiety-inducing situation, especially if it happens when you’re alone or in the middle of the night. If this happens to you, keep reading to find out what you should do to best resolve the situation.

The most important thing to do if you’ve lost your transponder key is not to panic. Panicking will make it so that you don’t have a clear head and it will be harder to make rational decisions. Even if you’re in a bad part of town or stranded, know that you will get through the situation unscathed. A skilled automotive locksmith is usually your best bet if you’ve lost your transponder key. https://www.chesterfieldlocksmith.co

Is Your Key a Transponder Key?

Maybe you’re not sure whether or not your car key is a transponder key. What does that term even mean, anyway? We’re here to inform you all about transponder keys. This information can help you decide whether you need the help of a professional locksmith service. If you have a vehicle manufactured from the mid-1990s on, it probably utilizes transponder chip technology, whether you have a car key or a keyless fob.

A transponder key has a special chip inside the head that allows you to lock and unlock your door via buttons when you’re in close proximity to your vehicle. It also usually allows you to open your car trunk. This can be extremely convenient if you’re juggling bags from a shopping trip or otherwise have your hands full. That’s only part of what makes a transponder key work, however, if you have a keyed entry system on your vehicle.

A transponder key is also part of an antitheft system inside of your vehicle as part of the immobilizer that prevents your engine from starting unless under the right conditions. When you insert your transponder key, it sends a code to your ignition that allows it to start.

If You’ve Lost Your Transponder Key

Transponder keys are harder and more expensive to replace than traditional car keys due to the very features that make them so convenient and secure. Replacing and programming the chip inside of the key fob amps up the cost because although you can have a regular car key copied by a hardware store or cheaply from a locksmith, a transponder key takes more time and skill to replicate. Your best option when you’ve lost a transponder car key is to contact a locksmith right away for assistance.

Purchasing refurbished transponder chip keys online is strongly discouraged, although vendors do sell them. These blank keys often have chips that are harvested from other keys, and the antitheft technology inside of them effectively locks the key from being reprogrammed. So although you may think you are saving money by purchasing one of these keys, you’ll actually spend more in the long run.

A skilled automotive locksmith is usually the best place to turn when you need a transponder key replaced or copied. Whether your vehicle uses a physical key or a keyless fob, they will be able to replace it and reprogram your new key to work correctly with your vehicle.

If Your Key Was Stolen

If your key was stolen, especially if you think the thief knows which car is yours and where it’s located, it’s important to take quick action. Not only should you file a police report, but you should also contact a locksmith (locksmith company service in Chesterfield) to have your key replaced and your locks rekeyed, changed, or recoded. Even if your key is returned to you, you may want to consider having the locks changed for your peace of mind.

Preventative Measures

If you haven’t yet lost your transponder key, here are some tips to prevent the situation from happening or reduce the stress if it does happen. By taking preventative measures before you ever lose your key, you can increase your peace of mind.  

•    Have a spare key made if you don’t already have one. While transponder keys are somewhat more expensive to copy than regular car keys, it’s still cheaper than dealing with an emergency lockout.
•    Store your spare transponder key somewhere safe, outside of your vehicle in case you become locked out. You can also consider keeping them with a trusted neighbor or family member or in a safe spot in your home.
•    To avoid losing your keys, make sure to make it a habit to always check and make sure you have them before you leave your vehicle, your work, or your home.
•    To prevent your keys or key fob from being stolen, keep them out of sight and on your person or in a safe place at all times when you’re out in public. It only takes a few second for an opportunist with bad motives to swipe them from under your nose.

If you’ve lost your transponder key, take a deep breath and keep calm. The next step you should take is to call a professional locksmith to give you assistance no matter where you are. A locksmith company can replace your lost transponder key quickly and cheaply. Make sure you have the make and model of your vehicle as well as the VIN number and the year the vehicle was manufactured. While you could turn to a dealership, usually the dealership would require an entirely new lock system to be outfitted on your vehicle, which can cost much more than just having the key replaced. There are many benefits to turning to a professional locksmith, including convenience, low cost, and certified professional services.

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